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How You Can Pray for Christians in the Limelight Like Tim Tebow

By Marketplace Leaders
It can get hot in the limelight. But, when real role models attract media attention, it's crucial they are surrounded with prayer. How can you pray for influencers like Tim Tebow who emerge into the spotlight?
Tim Tebow is the Denver Broncos quarterback who has become a national phenomenon due to his unconventional production and outspoken religious faith.


Tebow become a modern day "John the Baptist" according to Os Hillman, author of the new book Change Agent and president of Marketplace Leaders, an organization whose purpose is to help men and women discover and fulfill God's calling through their work and have a greater influence on culture.

Tebow has been applauded by the faith community for his public demonstration of his faith (like raising his hands to heaven or kneeling in prayer on the sideline), but at the same time he has received criticism from secular football fans.

According to Hillman,"Tebow is an example of leadership, commitment and excellence in the competitive sport of football. He is also all about the mission behind why he plays the game - to glorify God. But Tebow wouldn't be with us today if his mother had aborted her unborn child after doctors told her that her son would likely be born with severe birth defects."
Hillman says, a change agent is "a person who is a positive catalyst of influence and determined to solve problems through invention and influence which leads to great spiritual changes in nations. God's calling to a change agent may include hardship, testing, a crisis of belief, failure and grace... all mixed into a life that makes an impact."
Tebow's life off of the field is exemplary of someone who is committed to God, and committed to loving people. Every week he selects someone who is suffering with ill health, dying, or injured, and brings them, all-expenses paid, to a Broncos game. Not only that, he spends a few minutes talking with them before and after hitting the field! 1
How can you pray for Christians in the limelight like Tim Tebow? Here are a few suggestions from Tommi Femrite, author of the new book Invading the Seven Mountains with Intercession:
  1. Stand against lies and distortion of who and what Tim is.
  2. Silence the mouth of Tim's accusers.
  3. Call for righteousness and truth to prevail in all that concerns Tim.
  4. Declare Tim will continue to know his calling and walk in it with a sense of the Lord's full confidence and affirmation.
  5. Proclaim Tim will walk in clarity to accomplish the work that is set before him.
  6. Declare Tim will receive divine strategies that apply on multiple fronts.
  7. Proclaim Tim will continue to walk in integrity and not compromise his values.
  8. Declare Tim will stand against the lure of power, sex and money.
  9. Proclaim Tim walks in divine favor.
  10. Declare Tim has the wisdom of God.
  11. Renounce corruption in the Arts & Entertainment Mountain.
  12. Declare the Arts & Entertainment Mountain will produce commentators who display godly lifestyles, behaviors and values.
  13. Pray believers will actively support Tim who honors Christ.
  14. Decree that NO weapon formed against Tim Tebow will prosper and EVERY tongue that rises up against Tim, Tim will condemn. NOTE: This is not a condemning of a is condemning the words!
  • Declare: to officially pronounce authoritatively
  • Proclaim: to officially announce and make publically known what God says
  • Decree: a formal order having the force of law

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praying for christians in the limelight

I also am praying for Tommi, that he stands tall and represent Christ in the market place he placed him. We need more people like him to inspire our youth to stand firm in their faith. posted by Ntombi Nxumalo from Swaziland

RE: praying for christians in the limelight

George: Greetings from Michigan, USA, & to read your endorsement from "the other side of our world". I just added my comment, encouraged by reading yours. Blessings, Banjogil

Prayer guidelines

Key to understanding prayer is that it's not asking God to do our wishes, but rather trying to tune into and alonge ourselves with His plans for us & any given situation. Along these lines, Tommi Femrite's list of prayers for Tim Tebow can be adopted in praying for anyone who is achieving success & notoriety for what they're achieving. The temptation of pride becomes stronger the more one is successful in any work.

praying for christians in the limelight

This prayer is timely especially as God seek for men and women who are ready and willing to glorify Him in all the cultural mountains. To God be the glory. George Bari Nigeria.

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