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Son of God Opens February 28th in Theaters


Dear Friend,

On February 28th the new movie, Son of God, will be in the movie theaters. I have seen many of the clips and got to personally meet Mark Burnett and Roma Downy who are producers of the movie. They are the same people who produced The Bible series on A&E that over 100 million people viewed.

It is hard to believe it has been over 10 years since Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. There is a whole new audience that has not been exposed to the full story of Jesus Christ. This month we have an opportunity to share the love of God with others through an excellent movie. It is a great way to invite non-believers to hear the gospel in a very professional way.

If you are like me you are concerned about where our culture is going today. One of the areas that most define the culture is Hollywood and the entertainment industry. We can have a positive impact on what comes out of Hollywood by supporting things that are good. Son of God is one of those good things coming from Hollywood.

Hollywood measures success by the first weekend of a movie release. That is why it is important that you go to the theater on the weekend of February 28th. Your vote will be heard by Hollywood if you do.

So, let me encourage you to support the movie and take a friend.

God bless you as you seek to be His change agent in culture.



Os Hillman

Author, TGIF, Today God Is First Daily Devotional

P.S. You can view the preview here.

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Son of God

I believe that we can never get tired of seeing the works of the first begotten Son of our father just as he made us become sons & daughters. Even so, we need it to go further in our calling and assignments

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